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Joe Dover Owner of Revere Painting

About Us

Painting is our business. Two generations on and we still care about our craft, brining to you the best painters Denver has to offer.


We know the process of finding a painter you trust in Denver is daunting. There are so many, how do you choose? All we ask is you give us a call, because our personal touch, our professionalism, and our passion for the art of painting separates us from the rest. Just give us a call and let us show you.

What Makes Us Different?

In short? We care. 

But seriously, we treat painting like an art. Every house has its individual characteristics, every homeowner has a vision for what they want there house to look like, to feel like. We deliver for every client, bringing their visions to reality, making a house a home, creating spaces that are pieces of art. We don't simply throw paint on the wall like the rest of the companies out there. We take our time. We care about the little things. We make sure every project is done at top quality. From prep-work to the finishing touches, we give our full attention to the process so you have the best paint job in Denver area.


To ensure you. have the best paint job, we use only the best products. We have meticulously tested everything so we know what works and what doesn't. We do this so we can help you. No skimping here, and no marking it up. Our prices are competitive and fair and they give you, the customer, a better look for longer. Every paint company out there will tell you this, we will show you.

Vincent Van Gogh once said "the only time I feel alive is when I'm painting." That is true for Revere Painting. And we want to share our passion, our life's work, with you.

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