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“I paint the spirit and soul of what I see.”
― Brian Froud

painted ouside of house by Revere Painting
painted brown house by Revere Painting

We know its difficult picking a company to paint your home in Denver. There are so many, where do you even start? And what is the difference between any of them? Well, we are different. We are not the average company with the van down the street painting one of your neighbors homes. 

A lot of those exterior paint companies out there care about one thing: profit. As a business, that is of obvious concern. But when that becomes priority number one, the quality starts to suffer. Quantity becomes king and your house may fall victim to greed. 

What Makes Us Different

We care. We never prioritize a poor paint job for profit, over a good paint job that makes our customer happy. And we do this by only hiring the best painters, the one that still see painting as an art, that value the craft. We have no patience for people out there who want to pump out as many homes as they can a week, ignoring the quality and character of the home they are working on. We take our time, prepping and repairing any issues with the facade before applying any paint. 

There has been a surge in the popularity of spraying the exteriors of homes. Have you ever power washed your car? Do you notice the grime left over? The same holds true for houses. And when you spray over that grime the longevity of the paint if affected. Thats why we leave it up to you to choose the tried and true method of brushing and rolling. This process increases the penetration and durability of the paint by disturbing the residue on your home and allowing the paint to tack up stronger, and for longer.

The Importance Of Painting Your Home

Being a Colorado resident, we're sure you already know this, but exterior paint jobs are vital to protecting your house from Denver's environment. It protects your exterior from water damage, from the strong rocky mountain sun, and from the dry air - which all combine to wear away at the exterior of your home.

We use the best products and the best techniques to protect your home from this constant onslaught. Just give us a call and let us show you.

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